Meditation for Therapists Practitioner Certification Course Information

What the Meditation for Therapists Practitioner Certification Program Covers

The Meditation for Therapists Practitioner Certification Program is a complete program in the application of meditation to psychotherapy. You will learn a variety of evocative, alternate methods to produce movement, insight, and personal transformation in your client. There are six steps to completing this program:

  1. You will listen to the two-part webinar and do the exercises. You should actually do the meditations that you will be using with your clients.
  2. You will read each module of the Meditation for Therapy: Theory and Application textbook. You will download the articles, assignments, and feedback sheets for each module. You will do the assignments. You will send us your homework in the feedback sheet for each assignment.
  3. You will read the emotional healing article. Download this article, its assignment, and feedback sheet. Do the assignment. Send us your homework in the feedback sheet for this module.
  4. Do the practicum by interviewing three clients with whom you use a meditation technique you have learned in this course to work with their presenting issue.
  5. Take your course final exam
  6. Do your closing coaching session to integrate your experiences and to go over your final exam

What Does the Course Include?

Part One – Webinars for the core MFTPCC program

  • Webinar one – theory and initial practices
  • Webinar two – the therapeutic applications of meditation

You will schedule your first coaching session – Exploring using meditation in therapy as introduced in this webinar

Part Two – Meditation for Therapists Textbook Review

You will review and do exercises for:

  1. Meditation and Psychology
  2. Introduction to Maps of Consciousness
  3. Transpersonal psychology
  4. Comparisons of meditation with other therapeutic modalities
  5. Altered states of consciousness and reality testing
  6. Mindfulness and psychotherapy
  7. Imagery techniques and hypnosis
  8. Uses of meditation in psychotherapy
  9. The role of meditation in healing
  10. Using meditation in therapy with children
  11. Reflections on coaching
  12. Encountering the unconscious mind
  13. Meditation and mental illness
  14. Evaluating therapeutic approaches
  15. Reflections on psychotherapy
  16. The possibility of transformation

You will schedule your second coaching session – Reviewing your insights and questions after reading the textbook and doing the assignments

Part Three – Using Techniques of Meditation to Augment Emotional Healing

  • Meditation Techniques for Working with Anxiety, Stress, Traumatic Experience, and Upsetting Emotions

You will schedule your third coaching session – Reviewing your insights and questions after reviewing the emotional healing article, practicing the techniques, and doing the assignments.

Part Four – Your Practicum

  • You will receive instructions for your practicum
  • You will use the provided form to capture your practicum responses

You will schedule your fourth coaching session – Presentation of your cases and receive feedback

Part Five – Take Your Final Exam

  • You will take your final exam online. You must score 75 to pass and earn your certification.
  • You will be tested on the content of part one, two, and three.

Part Six – Course Review and Integration

  • You will do a course review and identify your next steps
  • We will go over your final exam

You will schedule your fifth coaching session – Course review and integration, plus we will go over your final exam results.

What Does the Course Cost?

The suggested retail price for this course is $9,997. If you sign up today, your price will be $2,497. This is a 75% discount.