This is our enhanced ITM course on-line. This is a stand-alone course for intrepid individuals like you, who are self-motivated, are obsessed with learning the rudiments of meditation and self-study, but with the help of an ITM instructor.

This course contains additional webinars and additional course materials beyond our regular program.

To use the course, simply click on the name of the lesson to download the notes. Then, click on the video next to it. Watch the video. Practice the meditation.

Module Contents Download Article Video
1 Introduction to the ITM  
The Conscious Mind
Body Scan – Meditation for the Waking State  
2 Awareness of Movement in the Present Time – Sitting and Movement Mediation
3 Awareness of the senses – Sensory Acuity Exercise
4 Awareness of Deep Body Sensations – Physical Vipassana
5 Awareness of Feelings – Emotional Vipassana
6 Awareness of Thoughts – Mental Vipassana
7 Awareness of the Ego – I AM statement Vipassana
8 Awareness of the Preconscious – Monitoring Impressions Arising from the Subconscious Mind
9 The Subconscious Mind  
Exploring the Zone of Memory and the Personal Unconscious – The Time Travel Meditation
10 Chakras of the Subconscious Mind – Boyd’s Detailed Model of the Chakras  
Meditation on the Chakras of the Subconscious Mind
11 The Metaconscious Mind  
Meditation on the Desire Body
12 Meditation on the Persona
13 Meditation on the Conscience
An Introduction to Introspection  
14 Meditation on the Concrete Mind
A Goal Identification and Goal Setting Exercise  
15 Meditation on the Personal Intuition
The Polling Technique  
16 Meditation on the Self – Introduction to Centering Techniques  
Reflection and Disidentification – Developing Discrimination and Detachment
17 Being  
Reposing in Being Meditation
18 Introduction to the Superconscious Mind and Meditation on the Soul  
Meditation on Inner Vehicles  
Introduction to the Soul’s Essential Body  
The Essence Breath
19 Meditation on the Soul’s Essential Vehicles  
20 Introduction to Jnana Yoga – The Yoga of Intuitive Discernment  
The Seven Chords of Jnana Yoga  
Introduction to Reflective Meditation – The Little Sun Method
21 Getting Guidance from the Soul – Introduction to Receptive Meditation  
The Cord of Remembrance Method of Learning Receptive Meditation  
22 Learning to Manifest Your Intention – Introduction to Creative Meditation  
The Soul Creation Method of Creative Meditation
Additional Materials Next Steps  
Addendum (contains additional articles)  
A Glossary of Meditation Terms  

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    Module Contents Download Article Video Audio
    Bonus section for the Enhanced Introduction to Meditation Program 1. Attention as a Channel Selector    
    2. Getting Unstuck in Meditation    
    3. Locating Focal Points    
    4. Exercises to Enhance Your Detection of Focal Points    
    5. Beginning the Exploration of the Subconscious Mind    
    6. Monitoring the Action of Your Attention    
    7. Practical Objectives of Meditation    
    Your final exam After you have reviewed all notes and watched all videos, you will be ready to do your ITM final exam. You must score 75% or better on this exam to qualify for your certificate of completion. Once you pass, you will be eligible to obtain access to the Introductory Level Completers area, where there will be additional materials for you.
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