Information about the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course

What Is the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course?

The Mudrashram® Correspondence Course (MCC) is a program developed for those who

    (a) Have completed the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation

    (b) Can learn by reading, and then meditating on what it describes; and who can follow a coordinate system to find an exact nodal point within the personality, or on the inner Planes of the Superconscious Mind

    (c) Have a desire to gain complete and exact knowledge of each level of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, from the waking state of awareness to the highest Plane in the Transcendental Sphere—level-by-level, and world-by-world—the kind of knowledge that is required for spiritual Mastery

    (d) Have a desire to acquire a master reference for every level of their spiritual journey, to which they can refer as they progress to each new level of spiritual development, and understand in much greater depth

The Mudrashram® Correspondence Course is a masterpiece. It is completely unique and utterly ground-breaking. For the first time in the history of humanity, the entire Great Continuum of Consciousness has been mapped in its entirety. And you can own this for your own reference.

To obtain the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, you will need to have completed one of our level one (foundation) meditation courses—the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation (MMCIM), which is taught in person; or the Accelerated Meditation Program (AMP), which is currently available through the mail or online, plus we recommend that you complete the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation before you take the MCC. The Satsang Program Home Study Course will also be helpful to prepare you for year two.]

What Will I Get from this Course?

  • You will learn to master meditation. You will go into greater depth in each of the techniques you learn in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, the Accelerated Meditation Program, and the Mudrashram® Advanced Course
  • You will learn to recognize and work with the vehicles of consciousness within each level of your mind, which will enable you to gain progressively greater knowledge of your Self and your Soul, and will ultimately lead you to spiritual Mastery.
  • You will have a constant reference to assist you go more deeply into any area of the Great Continuum of Consciousness where you are currently sojourning, and you will be able to find out about what is there for any level about which you wish to learn more
  • You will effectively receive a complete and comprehensive education in Consciousness Studies—it is truly like receiving a doctoral degree in meditation.

When Do I Need this Course?

  • If you are serious about truly mastering meditation, and ascending through every Plane of Light to lay claim to your own Mastery, the MCC is what you need.
  • If you have completed a foundation course, and you want a roadmap to every world of God, the MCC is for you.
  • If you are not content to just learn the rudiments of meditation, but you want to learn everything you can, the MCC will provide to you this training—in exquisite detail and great depth.

In What Formats is the MCC delivered?

The Mudrashram® Correspondence Course is available on-line so you can do it as a self-study course. It is also available as by-mail program. The Enhanced Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, which is only avilable on-line, includes the Satsang Program Home Study Course and the Adventures in Pinda webinar series.

The Mudrashram® Correspondence Course is currently available by-mail in two, three inch binders. [Because of its large size, it is shipped in a large flat rate priority mail parcel, so its postage is higher than our other courses.]

What Does the MCC Include?

The Mudrashram® Correspondence Course has 50 lessons. Among the topics that are covered include:

Year One
Lesson Contents
1 Introduction to Meditation. The Waking State of Consciousness.
2 The Conscious Mind: Higher Centers.
3 The Subconscious Mind. The Chakras. The Kundalini Shakti.
4 The Subconscious Mind: Higher Centers.
5 The Metaconscious Mind: the Etheric, Emotional, and Mental Vehicles.
6 The Self. Developing Volition. The Gateway to the Higher Worlds.
7 Superconscious Mind: the Kosas, and the Soul Spark.
8 Superconscious Mind: Exploring the First Domain, the Kumaras, transitioning to the Second Domain.
9 Superconscious Mind: the Mythic Realms.
10 Superconscious Mind: the Lower Astral, the Occult Adepts, and the Intellechy.
11 Superconscious Mind: the Planetary Soul, and the Biophysical Universe.
12 Superconscious Mind: the Abstract Mind Plane.
13 Superconscious Mind: the Psychic Realm. Psychic Powers.
14 Superconscious Mind: the Wisdom Plane. The Karmic Law.
15 Superconscious Mind: The Seven Rays. The Planetary Initiations.
16 Superconscious Mind: the Exoteric 1st Initiation. The Christ Child.
17 Superconscious Mind: the Mesoteric 1st Initiation. Mysticism and Sainthood.
18 Superconscious Mind: the Esoteric 1st Initiation. Mystic Orders and Mystery Schools.
19 Superconscious Mind: the 2nd Initiation. The Solar Angel.
20 Superconscious Mind: the 3rd Initiation. The Manasic Plane. The Great Plan.
21 Superconscious Mind: the 4th Initiation. The Buddhic Plane. The Law of Compassion.
22 Superconscious Mind: the 5th Initiation. The Atmic Plane. The Ancient Wisdom.
23 Superconscious Mind: the Monad. The Planetary Adept.
24 The Great Way. Principles of Integral Meditation.
Year Two
Lesson Contents
25 The bridge between Planetary and Cosmic Realms: The Anupadaka and Adi Planes. The Planetary Hierarchy. Solar and Pleiadean Evolution. The realms of angels and gods.
26 The 1st Cosmic Initiation. The Yogi Preceptors.
27 The 2nd Cosmic Initiation. Nada Yoga. Spiritual Ministry. The Light Master.
28 The 3rd Cosmic Initiation. The Inner Guide.
29 The 4th Cosmic Initiation. The Tree of Life. The Cosmic Zodiac. The Avatars.
30 The 5th Cosmic Initiation. The Rainbow Bridge. The God Self. The Cosmic Hierarchy. The Masters of Love and Wisdom. The Brahma Jyoti.
31 Entering the Supracosmic Sphere. Planes of the Supracosmic.
32 The Parameshwara and Shiva Planes.
33 The Buddha Plane.
34 The Brahma Plane.
35 The Shankara Plane.
36 The Vishnu Plane.
37 The Allah Plane.
38 The Orzhmad Plane.
39 The Wahi Guru Plane.
40 The Omkara Plane. The Supreme Guru. The Lords of Karma. Liberation from the Supracosmic Sphere.
41 The Bridge Path. The Lotus Feet. The Jewel of Alaya. The Seven Great Attunements. Discipleship in Transcendental Planes.
42 The 1st Transcendental Path.
43 The 2nd Transcendental Path.
44 The 3rd Transcendental Path.
45 The 4th Transcendental Path.
46 The 5th Transcendental Path.
47 The 6th Transcendental Path.
48 The 7th Transcendental Path.
49 The Teachers of the Mudrashram® Lineage. Multiplane Mastery. Finding Your Master Teacher. Invocation and Prayer.
50 Comprehensive Course Review

The MCC is available On-line
(Self Study format)
By Mail
(Self Study format)

You can order the on-line or by-mail version of the MCC when you have completed the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation.
There is now an enhanced version of the MCC on-line, which includes the Satsang Program Home Study Course and the Adventure in Pinda webinar series.