History of Our Workshops

Workshops of the 1980s

George taught a series of workshops during the 1980s, which have been discontinued. We present them here because they will give you some background on how his workshops evolved over time.

A Consumer's Guide to Meditation

His first workshop was A Consumer's Guide to Meditation, which he taught in 1984 for Learning Adventures (now Learning Annex). This first popular treatment of meditation included

    (1) a presentation of different types of meditation

    (2) explained what different techniques of meditation do

    (3) gave participants an experience of basic meditation

    (4) provided a reference guide to then-current meditation providers in the Los Angeles area.

The class included a small work book.

The Light Sittings

George began offering Light Sittings during 1985 and 1986 to provide support and guidance for the spiritual growth of those who took the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, and for other interested aspirants. Light Sittings are always offered free of charge.

He continues to give Light Sittings today, working primarily with his advanced meditation students.

You may find out more about Light Sittings by clicking here.

The Raja-Vipassana Meditation Workshop

Vipassana is a Buddhist form of meditation that observes and monitors present time experience for extended periods of time. Maintaining this unbroken awareness of your experience in the present time is called mindfulness.

Typically the focus for Vipassana meditation begins with the sensations that arise within the body, and progresses to feelings, thoughts, and subtler aspects of experience. Alternately, some schools of Vipassana begin with watching the breath in the present time; Zen Buddhism also favors this method.

Samatha is another type of meditation used by Buddhist meditation Masters. Samatha means to concentrate or focus the attention on a selected object of meditation. In Hindu traditions this practice is called Raja Yoga.

Raja-Vipassana meditation combines the selection of a focal point of samatha or Raja Yoga meditation with monitoring present time experience at that focal point. It is a hybrid between two different styles of meditation that combines the best features of both.

The Raja Vipassana Workshop was taught during 1986 and into 1987. Swami Prem Dayal introduced this hybrid meditation style in response to a meditation student's intense curiosity about vipassana, after this student was first exposed to vipassana in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation.

The Attunement Meditation Workshop

This short seven week class taught in 1987 explored the Seven Rays. The Attunement Meditation Workshop gave workshop participants the opportunity to directly experience the energy and quality of the Seven Rays, and to channel the light of the Seven Rays to others.

Attunement, the ability to receive Light and Grace from a spiritual Master and then transmit it using intention, is an important aspect of becoming a disciple. This is the first time an element of disciplic training was presented by the Mudrashram® teachers to the public.

Recovery Workshops

After George completed his training in Alcohol Drug Counseling at UCLA Extension in 1987, he started facilitating weekly Recovery Groups for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families. These were topic-focused explorations of issues shared by people who grew up in alcoholic and drug-abusing families. These weekly groups continued until early 1990.

Workshops of the 1990s

In 1991, he coupled a Meditation for Recovery Workshop with a lecture of the same name at the Whole Life Expo. An optional workbook was made available for this class for interested participants.

Flying: the Ultimate Spiritual Adventure Workshop

This class was first conducted 1/8/92. It was a presentation of the teachings of the Mudrashram® lineage that focused on mastery of the attentional principle and learning to work with the Light. The class combined guided meditation with Light Immersion and inspired spiritual guidance (Satsang) from the teachers of the Mudrashram® lineage.

    CLASS ONE: Leaving the body focus – the inner secret of Raja Yoga

    CLASS TWO: Bringing the body into the Light – the first attunement

    CLASS THREE: Bringing the emotions into the Light – the second attunement

    CLASS FOUR: Bringing the mind into the Light – the third attunement

    CLASS FIVE: Bringing the will into the Light – the fourth attunement

    CLASS SIX: Awakening the Higher Mind – the fifth attunement

    CLASS SEVEN: The Mystery of the God Within – the sixth attunement

    CLASS EIGHT: Meeting the Master in the Heart of God – the seventh attunement

    CLASS NINE: Traveling in the Higher Planes – the freedom of flying

    CLASS TEN: Bringing back a gift for humanity

How to Read Your Own Past Lives Workshop

This workshop was first offered in 1994. It showed workshop participants how to to explore their past lives using a variety of techniques in a supportive setting. This workshop continues to be taught today. This workshop covers:

    Major tracks of experience in past life recall

    Tratakam on the human form (Swa Dhyan and Dwija Dhyan)

    Accessing past lives using Process Meditation

    Reviewing past lives using Receptive Meditation

    The Time Travel method

    Metavisional viewing of the Akashic Records

Workshops of 2000

George resumed teaching workshops after he completed graduate school, and finished the first draft of the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course in early in 2000. Workshops he brought forward in 2000 included, How to Read Your Own Past Lives Workshop, The Karma Workshop, and The Way of the Heart Workshop.

The Karma Workshop

This class was first held on February 21, 2000. This one night-workshop explored the question "What is Karma?" in depth. It introduced seven new meditations to help workshop participants experience first hand the bands of the unconscious mind where karma is stored. The class covered the following topics:

    The Primal Substance of the Unconscious

    The Four Types of Karma

    The Seven Levels of Karma.

    Meditation on the Seven Levels of Karma

    How Do We Get Rid of Karma?

    The Four Poles of Inner Work

    The Essential Chakras Meditation

    The Four Quadrants of Karma Meditation

    How Karma is Stored

    Meditation on the Layers of Karma

    How is New Karma Created?

    The Octaves of Volition

    Freedom from Karma

    Meditation on the Octaves of Volition

    Understanding the Divine Will

    Meditation on the Divine Will

    Karmic Mastery

    The Importance of Understanding Karma

    The Sacred Inner Flame Meditation

The Way of the Heart Workshop

This class was first held in April 2000. It presented the teachings of the Mudrashram® lineage on the principle of the individual spirit and its journey homeward to the Divine Beloved. The class included guided meditation with Light Immersion and inspired spiritual guidance (Satsang) from the teachers of the Mudrashram® lineage.

    CLASS ONE : The Mystery of the Pineal Gland. Absorption into the spirit.

    CLASS TWO: The Light and Sound of God. Seeing and hearing with the heart.

    CLASS THREE: Opening the Way. The hidden secret of Bhakti Yoga.

    CLASS FOUR: The Wayfarer and the Guide. The encounter with the Friend.

    CLASS FIVE: Bhakti and life. Dealing with a heart overflowing with love.

Workshops of 2002

The Psychic Powers Workshop

The Psychic Powers workshop was designed to train George's meditation students about what are the psychic powers and how to develop them. The class also included a segment on guiding others in meditation. This workshop includes:

    What are the Psychic Powers?

    Guidelines for Use of the Psychic Powers

    Why Should I Develop my Psychic Powers?

    How Do I Activate My Psychic Vehicle?

    Contemplation of the centers of the psychic vehicle

    Dropping the Astral Body in the Psychic Flame

    Contemplation of Your Abilities in the Planetary Realm

    Using Selected Psychic Powers

    Manifestation and Dissolution

    Intuitive Auric Sensing

    Sending Healing Energy

    Channeling Your Soul's Guidance to Another (Satsang)

    Receiving Telepathic Information

    Guiding Others

    Practicing the Art of Guiding the Attention

    Psychic Readings

    Types of Psychic Readings

    Structured Readings

    Intuitive Readings

    Using Psychic Powers Wisely

The Agni Yoga – Attunement Meditation Workshop

This workshop taught its participants several additional Agni Yoga meditations and went into greater depth into Attunement meditation.

This workshop has as its prerequsite completion of either the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the Accelerated Meditation Program. It includes:

    What is Agni Yoga?

    Agni Yoga Across the Seven Rays

    Will Attunement Meditation Technique

    Color Healing through the Chakras Meditation

    Soul Dialogue Meditation

    Conscience Clearing Meditation

    Inspired Work

    Love Attunement Meditation

    The Rainbow Technique

    What is Attunement Meditation?

    The Five Minor Attunements

    The Five Major Attunements

    Differences between Agni Yoga and Attunement Meditation

    Dawning of the Powers of Attunement

    Attunement at Different Levels of the Great Continuum

    Abilities Gained on the Path of Discipleship

    Practicing the Five Minor Attunements

The Advanced Raja Yoga Meditation Workshop

This workshop went into greater depth into Raja Yoga meditation, and explored alternate tracks for projecting the attentional principle from its ground state.

This workshop has as its prerequsite compleition of either the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the Accelerated Meditation Program. It includes:

    The Activity of the Disciple

    Using the Mirrors of Inner Development

    Meditation upon the Mirrors of Development

    The Paths of Raja Yoga across the Seven Rays

    Benefits of Raja Yoga


    Yantra and Mandala Meditation

    Meditation upon Vehicles of Consciousness

    Symbolic or Archetypal Meditation

    Symbol and Archetype Meditation

    Rhythmic Meditation (Laya Yoga and Kirtan)

    Chakra and Deity Meditation

    Meditation on the path of the spirit (Nada Laya)

    Advanced Sound Current Meditation

    Direct Projection

    Meditation on the Essential Chakras (Atma Rupa)

    The Seven Dimensions of Meditation

The Advanced Kundalini Meditation Workshop

This workshop went into greater depth into Kundalini meditation, and explored the different perspectives that meditators visualize the chakras at differnt stations of the path.

This workshop has as its prerequsite completion of either the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the Accelerated Meditation Program(AMP). [We prefer that those students who have completed AMP will have also opted to receive their kundalini consultation.] It includes:

Signs of Kundalini Awakening

    Kundalini within the Vehicles

    Levels of Kundalini Awakening

    Discussion about the Methods for Awakening the Kundalini Shakti

    Breathing the Kundalini Mantra


    Opening Chakras with Mantras

    Hyperventilative Breathing

    Hatha Yoga Bandhas with Pranayama

    Spontaneous Awakening

    Shamanic Methods

    Guidelines for Use of the Kundalini Shakti

    Exercises to Explore the Kundalini Shakti

    Meditation One – The Kanda

    Meditation Two – The Rays of Kundalini Shakti

    Meditation Three – The Sushumna

    Meditation Four – The Ida and Pingala

    Meditation Five – The Lotuses of the Chakras (Physical Octave)

    Meditation Six – the Syllables and Sounds of the Chakras (Etheric Octave)

    Meditation Seven – the Colors and Qualities of the Chakras (Astral-Emotional Octave)

    Meditation Eight – the Deities of the Chakras (Causal Mental Octave)

    Meditation Nine – Chakras of the Soul (Essential Octave)

    Meditation Ten – Experimenting with Bandhas

    Meditation Eleven – The Ojasic Vehicle

    Meditation Twelve – Meditation on the Channel of Nectar (Amrita)

    Meditation Thirteen – Tracing the Kundalini Path

    The Gentle Art of Sublimation

    Grounding the Kundalini

    Kundalini from the Standpoint of an Adept

    The Eight Aspects of the Kundalini Shakti

    Sitting for Kundalini Awakening

Workshops of 2003

The Tarot Card Reading Workshop

George first taught the Tarot Card Reading workshop 20 years after he began giving Tarot card readings on Venice Beach in 1983. This workshop was one of his Psychic Development Series workshops, which also included the How to Read Your Own Past Lives Workshop and the Psychic Powers Workshop. This workshop continues to be taught today. This workshop includes:

    Part One: What is the Tarot?

    What do the symbols mean?

    What is the origin of the Tarot?

    Tarot in Magic, Occultism, and Mystery School teachings

    How does the Tarot work to reveal the inner life?

    Synchronicity—the mirror of the inner life

    The Tree of Life (Kabala)

    Part Two: Meditating on the Tarot

    Finding the Tree of Life within

    Building your symbolic map—activating the symbols

    Dialoguing with the symbols within

    Doing a basic reading (the Celtic reading)

    Doing a four card exploratory reading

    Part Three: Using the Tarot in Daily Life

    Tarot's place in the decision-making process

    Opening the doors of inner process with the tarot

    Tarot and prediction of future events

Meditation for Therapists Workshop

This workshop is our first professional training workshop for counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists and graduate students in Psychology. For more information about this workshop, please click here.

George first conducted this workshop on 3/31/03 at Children's Institute International in Los Angeles.

Workshops of 2009

The Vision Workshop

This workshop was developed to teach meditation students to "see" clearly within in meditation. It details the octaves of sight, from physical vision to core sight (seeing with the Soul) and gives specific meditations to explore and activate these inner visioning abilities.

Because of the advanced and intensive nature of this workshop, it is suggested that students who take this class will have first taken the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the Accelerated Meditation Program.

This workshop is one of his Psychic Development Series workshops, which also included the How to Read Your Own Past Lives Workshop, The Tarot Card Reading Workshop, and the Psychic Powers Workshop. This in-depth workshop includes:

    The Octaves of Vision

    Experiencing the Subtle Bands of Vision

    Exploring Physical Vision

    Awakening Attentional Sight

    Purusa Dhyan Meditation

    Concentration Using Inner Sound

    Concentration Using Smell and Taste (nectar)

    Concentration Using Inner Forms

    Concentration Using the Symbolic or Personified Essence of the Vehicles

    Techniques of Internal Tratakam

    The Hansa Breath

    Awakening Psychic Sight

    Viewing with Your Astral Vision

    Telescopic Astral Vision

    Penetrating Astral Vision

    Electromagnetic Spectrum and Information Ether Sensitivity

    Resonance Ether Sensitivity

    Empathic Sensitivity Mediated through the Astral Body

    Metavisonal Sight

    Contemplating Your Attentional Principle

    Heart Sight –Seeing from the spirit

    Exloring the spirit through Inquiry

    Self Sight – Activating personal Intuition

    Polling Using Personal Intuition

    Soul Sight

    Dimensional Seeing

    Contemplating the Archetypal Forms of the Soul

    Listening for the Sounds of the Soul

    Feeling the Qualities of the Soul

    Tracing the Kundalini Path

    Accessing the Fountainhead Center of Wisdom

    Uniting Attention with the Soul

    Enlightenment Meditation

Hosting Our Workshops

We teach these workshops in hosted gatherings at a person's home. You can set up a workshop in a Central or Southern California location by contacting us at classes at mudrashram.com and letting us know you wish to host a workshop.

Make sure that your group meets the minimum requirements to take the group. For example, several of the workshops are advanced, and are designed for graduates of the Mudrashram© Master Course in Meditation or the Accelrated Meditation Program. Please see the article, Utilizing Our Services, for guidelines about who is eligible.

Hosts receive the course for free. For advanced courses for our basic meditation course completers, we require a minimum of five participants, excluding the host. For courses open to the genral public, we require a minimum of eight participants excluding the host.

Upcoming Workshops

We will post infomation about George's new workshops on this site as they become available. Please check our quarterly schedule of events to see when our workshops will be held.