Attracting Your Soul Mate

By George A. Boyd © 2006

Behind the sacral chakra of the Subconscious mind dwells a center that we call the sexual mandala. When you contemplate this center, you can identify the partner, who is most attractive to you, which some have referred to as your “Soul Mate.” The ten orders of nature, from the sacral chakra to the sexual mandala, are shown below.

Center Content
Sacral chakra of the Subconscious mind This center contains intuitive knowledge of courtship, sexuality and parenting
Center of ancestors This center brings awareness of your ancestors going back to the first human—this center is activated in spiritual traditions that reverence or worship ancestors
Center of "sex magic" This triangle of power on the Lower Astral Plane features using your sexual energy to attract, seduce, and control others. [It is not recommended that you play with these energies—the Lords of Karma put a karmic ball and chain on those that fool around with these energies right away.]
Center of the natural man/woman At this center, sexuality and love are seen as part of the natural order. The "free love" period during the 1960s was a collective expression of this center by many people.
Center of the five levels of Sexual Tantra These comprise the bands of phylogenetic, etheric, mental, kundalinic, and union in the spiritual sun. Sexual tantra is a form of sustained coitus used in different cultures, which often involves rituals, breathing meditation or open-eye contemplation (tratakam).
The Philosopher’s Stone This is the path of sexual transmutation, beginning with the discovery of the Divine Androgyne. This culminates in the vision of the Moon Soul, the nucleus of identity of the First Planetary Initiation.
The lingam/yoni center At this center, the Soul uses affirmation or “decree” to “call” its “Soul Mate.” This activates the Solar Angel within, through the power of the spoken word.
The “moon fluid” center At this center, the semen or sexual fluid is drawn up a tubule to energize the higher mind. Yogis do this to achieve brahmacharya or celibacy. It brings control of “veerya,” which is purported to grant great “inner strength.” Some sects of Raja Yoga and Kundalini Yoga practitioners use these practices.
Prajapati This center confers the vision of the One Being, who has become every form of male and female. This Being is sometimes identified as Paramatma or Brahman.
The sexual mandala For men, this brings the vision of every woman in the world as arrayed in a mandala. Women visualize every man in the world at this center. The inmost one is your “Soul Mate.”

Finding Your Soul Mate

Finding your Soul Mate is as much a matter of Destiny as it is something you may “create” or “attract” through intention, affirmation and visualization. Many aspirants find that while they are intensively using affirmations, visualizations, decrees, talismans, crystals, or mystic spells—their Soul Mate is not showing up.

The sexual mandala center is used to visualize your Soul Mate, to identify him or her. By contemplating this center, first see if you can feel who this person is. As you meditate on this center, let yourself gather impressions about…what they look like…where they live…how old they are…whether they are in incarnation…whether they are currently married. Once you feel and identify this person, it activates your native homing mechanisms. In effect by contemplation, together with your invocation (praying for or calling this person with your yearning), you turn on this center and it begins to draw her or him to you.

For many seekers, the sexual mandala may be so buried beneath the karmic accretions of their unconscious mind that they cannot access it. If this is the case, you may wish to program your subconscious mind to bring you an image of your Soul Mate, and to guide you to her or him. This programming can be done through self-hypnosis or meditation practices called invocation methods.

Most people do not meet their Soul Mate during their current incarnation. But if they choose well, finding an individual who is compatible and has relatively high affinity is possible, and this may be a realistic goal for most of us, rather than finding that inmost one.