Articles for Seekers

The Quest for Spiritual Meaning

People pass through adolescence as a part of growing up. During this period they define congruent values, make choices about vocation, lifestyle and relationships, and formulate a sense of unique identity and purpose for their lives. Part and parcel of this period is a quest for truth and meaning, which may take the form of a spiritual search.

If a child grows up in a dysfunctional or abusive family, adolescence can be a torturous ordeal, full of conflict, confusion, and desperation. The groups with which this troubled young person affiliates during adolescence can affect subsequent choices he or she makes in life. These groups can mold a youth’s behavior, values, and character, and in effect, shape their destiny.

George was no different in this regard. He grew up in a very dysfunctional alcoholic family. His search for answers led him to the hippy lifestyle of the 1960s, and a 17-year quest through several spiritual groups.

His extended spiritual odyssey led to an enlightenment experience in 1983. During a profound meditation, he discovered his life’s mission and was empowered to carry forward the Mudrashram® teaching work.

From his deep experience in spirituality, George gives seasoned guidance to those who are navigating this perilous sea of their own turbulent and confusing journey of seeking. Articles specifically geared to the concerns of the seeker are included in this section of our web site.

We also suggest that seekers check out the section on cults, so they will know what to avoid when looking for a spiritual teacher.

In the Christian tradition, seekers
look to Jesus to save them.

In Eastern traditions, seekers use meditation
to gain Realization and Enlightenment.