Announcing the Virtual Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation

The Virtual Version of the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation

A number of you have told me that you are interested in learning how to meditate, and were eager to do more than a just basic, cursory meditation course that would help you relax and relieve your stress.

We normally teach the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation several in our regular once a week for six weeks format, and as an accelerated intensive format over five days. Because of the pandemic, we are moving this course online and it will be taught as a series of shorter evening courses over ten weeks. Classes in this new option are one and one half to two hours in length.

The value of this program is easily $3,000, but will continue to offer the class for a substantial discount.. But you can still get this life-changing and transformational knowledge for only $360. If you put this on Pay Pal, you will up to have six months to pay. And if it is more convenient, you can also pay with your credit card.

This course is open to all people:

  • Who can make a commitment to complete all ten modules of this class
  • Who want to learn all aspects of this foundation course in Integral meditation
  • Who are serious about truly learning the multiple facets of meditation and how and when to use each method.

We want people who seek more than chanting OM and learning to watch their breath—people who really want to master meditation.

What’s in the Virtual Version of the Master Course?

Here’s want you get in this unique and powerful virtual course:

Class One – (1) Introduction to the Great Continuum of Consciousness, (2) The Four Poles of Being; (3) An Overview of the 10 Steps of Integral Meditation

Class Two – (1) Contacting the Self: Eight Techniques for Centering; (2) Receipt of your individualized guidance for the meditation and how to use this information

Class Three – (1) Introduction to the Energy that Drives Awareness, the Kundalini Shakti; (2) Initiation into the technique for safely awakening your Kundalini

Class Four – (1) Introduction to Meditation on the Spiritual Heart, Nada Yoga; (2) Discovering the 12 Domains of Spiritual Development; (3) Initiation into the Divine Light and Sound to travel back to your Source

Class Five – (1) Invocational methods, which include seven powerful techniques for accessing your Subconscious, Superconscious, and unconscious mind; (2) The different types of mantras; (3) what is a Transformational Mantra?; (4) The six octaves of Transformational Mantra, and how to use the Quintessence Divine Name to accelerate the spiritual evolutionary unfoldment of your Soul; (5) Initiation into using the Quintessence Mantra

Class Six – (1) Introduction to the process of using attention to explore the levels of the mind and opening your third eye, Raja Yoga; (2) What is the attentional principle and what are its abilities? (3) The three types of Raja Yoga practice: external, internal, and essential; (4)Initiation into the Direct Projection technique of Raja Yoga, learning to travel in full consciousness through the Superconscious mind and directly encountering your Soul, and glimpsing the entire track of your Soul’s evolutionary purpose

Class Seven – (1) Introducing Initiation – How the Soul Unfolds its Spiritual Evolutionary Potentials in a Balanced Way;
(2) How an Empowered Initiate awakens you, the Five Attunements of Guru Kripa Yoga; (3) The Three Phases of Integral meditation; (4) The stages of spiritual growth: Neophyte, Aspirant, Disciple, and Initiate; (5) The Octaves of Mastery, the five orders of Empowered Initiates; (6) Initiation into Guru Kripa Yoga: Experiencing Opening by the Divine Light

Class Eight – (1) Introducing the Yoga of Insight and Intuition: the Seven Chords of Jnana Yoga; (2) Chord Four Reflective Meditation: Three methods for practical guidance; (3) Chord Five Reflective and Receptive Meditation: Two methods for profound insight and guidance; (4) Introduction to the Seven Rays; (5) Chord Six Discernment Meditation: One method for discerning the True Nature of the Soul; (6) Initiation into opening the intuitive bridge to your Soul

Class Nine – (1) Awakening the Light Fire within the Soul, introduction to Agni Yoga; (2) The Minor and Major Attunements; (3) The Agni Yoga Technique of Energizing and Enlivening your Body; (4) The Agni Yoga Technique for Working Out Personal Issues: the Rainbow Technique; (5) Initiation into Soul Empowerment: making yourself an Instrument for your Soul’s Powers and Gifts

Class Ten – (1) Introduction to Dharma Yoga, Discovering Your Integrity; (2) The Levels of Personal and Transpersonal Dharma; (3) Discovering Your Core Values: the Truth Process; (4) Experiencing the Innate Harmony of your Dharma: the Process of the Four Times; (5) Course review and completion

The course includes a personalized reading, which reveals (1) where your Soul dwells on the Great Continuum of Consciousness, (2) the Rays that govern your perspective and your dominant and native modes of operation for your Soul, your Self, your mind, emotions, and your etheric body, (3) your contemplative mantra to awaken your spiritual heart, (4) your unique transformational mantra to unfold the spiritual evolutionary potentials of your Soul, and (5) personalized guidance for techniques and study relevant to your stage of spiritual development.

We will schedule your post-course individualized meditation guidance session at a mutually convenient time over the phone, Skype, or Zoom.

If you have questions about the course, request a complimentary spiritual discovery session to see if this course is right for you.

To order the course via Pay Pal, you can go here.

You may also pay for the course with your credit via Square Register over the phone.

Those who have previously taken the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation may review if we have space available.

You may also give this class as a gift.

Join us. You will truly enjoy this class!