Video Readings and Consultations

For those of you with access to a video camera and microphone on your computer, and an account with Skype, you can now do your Readings and Consultations with George A. Boyd live and in real time. If you are a Skype user, there are no connection fees for this service.

The video option expands the list of services you can now receive at a distance. These services are summarized in the table below.

Reading Video By Mail By E-Mail
Introductory Readings
Foot Reading yes yes yes
Tarot Card Reading no no no
Basic Soul Reading yes yes yes
Triple Scan Reading
(combines all three readings above)
no no no
Specialized Soul Readings
Meditation Seed Thoughts Soul Reading yes yes yes
Higher Octaves Soul Reading yes yes yes
Meditation Technique Analysis Reading yes yes yes
Karma Reading yes yes yes
Relationship Compatibility Reading yes yes yes
Spiritual Teacher Compatibility Reading yes yes yes
Soul Purpose Reading yes yes yes
Kundalini Syndrome Reading yes yes yes
Soul Attunement with Guidance Channeling yes no no
Guidance Channeling for specific questions yes yes yes
Guidance for completers of the Accelerated Meditation Program yes (1) no no
Past Life Readings
Taped Whole Track Metavisional Past Life Reading yes (2) no no
Taped Whole Track Intuitive Past Life Reading yes (2) no no
Written Whole Track Intuitive Past Life Reading no yes yes
Meditation Consultations
Meditation Consultation yes yes yes


    (1) These consultations for Accelerated Meditation Program have traditionally been done by phone; they are now available in video.

    (2) Taping of these readings may be possible if your audio recording device is designed to do computer audio capture. Similarly, it might also be possible to do video recording of these sessions if you have the proper equipment connected to your computer. Please consult your IT professional about how to do this.

Our experience using Skype is that sometimes there are network problems that cause temporary disconnection of our session. We encourage you to be patient when this occurs—we will be able to reconnect and finish our session.

If you are a Skype user and are interested in doing your reading, consultation, or attunement by video, please contact us at Tell us which service you are interested in receiving through video and give us your Skype address so we can add you to our list of contacts.

After we receive your payment for the service, we will coordinate our sessions at a mutually convenient time. Since some of you live many time zones away, this might mean a morning session for you while we are connecting late in the evening the previous day.

You can now pay for our video services using Pay Pal.