The Introduction to Meditation Program

What Is the Introduction to Meditation course?

The Introduction Meditation Program (ITM) is a program developed for those who

  1. Have not meditated before
  2. Have limited experience meditating, or the depth of their meditation has not gone out of the Conscious mind
  3. Have had difficulty understanding what meditation is and how to do it
  4. May have had frustrating experiences in the past trying to meditate

We plan to make the ITM available as an on-line program that anyone can take, wherever they are in the world.

We also have teachers in training, who will offer this course in an individual and group format, as an in-person course.

These teachers are among our most experienced and advanced students, who will assist you to successfully learn meditation, and to prepare yourself for the more advanced practices.

Just like our intermediate courses, MMCIM and AMP, are available as an in-person format and a self-study format, ITM will also be available in both formats.

What Will I Get from this Course?

  • You will learn the rudiments of meditation, which will be an excellent preparation for additional courses with Mudrashram®—or any other system of meditation you may choose to study
  • You will learn to recognize the structures within your mind, which will enable you to enhance your ability to control and focus your attention
  • You will gain greater confidence in your ability to meditate

When Do I Need this Course?

  • If you have never meditated before, ITM is an excellent place to start
  • If you have had problems settling down or focusing in meditation, ITM provides the structure to allow you to be successful
  • If you do not feel confident enough in your current ability to meditate and visualize the contents of awareness, ITM will take you step-by-step through the levels of your mind

In What Formats is the ITM delivered?

  1. The Introduction to Meditation Program is available on-line, with videos and notes, so you can do it as a self-study course. This is the Regular ITM program.
  2. It is also available on-line as an Individual and group coaching program, where you will meet with a trained teacher with a group or one-on-one, and do the course with additional support. This is the Enhanced ITM program.
  3. You can also train with a certified ITM instructor in your area, either in person, or over Skype. This is the Individualized ITM Program.

What Does the ITM Include?

The ITM has 26 modules. Among the topics and techniques you will learn include:

  1. The Conscious Mind
  2. Body Scan – Meditation for the Waking State
  3. Awareness of Movement in the Present Time – Sitting and Movement Mediation
  4. Awareness of the senses – Sensory Acuity Exercise
  5. Awareness of Deep Body Sensations – Physical Vipassana
  6. Awareness of Feelings – Emotional Vipassana
  7. Awareness of Thoughts – Mental Vipassana
  8. Awareness of the Ego – I AM statement Vipassana
  9. Awareness of the Preconscious – Monitoring Impressions Arising from the Subconscious Mind
  10. The Subconscious Mind
  11. Exploring the Zone of Memory and the Personal Unconscious – The Time Travel Meditation
  12. Chakras of the Subconscious Mind – Boyd’s Detailed Model of the Chakras
  13. Meditation on the Chakras of the Subconscious Mind
  14. The Metaconscious Mind
  15. Meditation on the Desire Body
  16. Meditation on the Persona
  17. Meditation on the Conscience
  18. An Introduction to Introspection
  19. Meditation on the Concrete Mind
  20. A Goal Identification and Goal Setting Exercise
  21. Meditation on the Personal Intuition
  22. The Polling Technique
  23. Meditation on the Self – Introduction to Centering Techniques
  24. Reflection and Disidentification – Developing Discrimination and Detachment
  25. Being
  26. Reposing in Being Meditation
  27. Introduction to the Superconscious Mind and Meditation on the Soul
  28. Meditation on Inner Vehicles
  29. Introduction to the Soul’s Essential Body
  30. The Essence Breath
  31. Meditation on the Soul’s Essential Vehicles
  32. Introduction to Jnana Yoga – The Yoga of Intuitive Discernment
  33. The Seven Chords of Jnana Yoga
  34. Introduction to Reflective Meditation – The Little Sun Method
  35. Getting Guidance from the Soul – Introduction to Receptive Meditation
  36. The Cord of Remembrance Method of Learning Receptive Meditation
  37. Learning to Manifest Your Intention – Introduction to Creative Meditation
  38. The Soul Creation Method of Creative Meditation
  39. Next Steps
  40. Addendum (contains additional articles)
  41. A Glossary of Meditation Terms
The ITM is available On-line
(Self Study format)
(Group Coaching)
(Individual Coaching)
In person or video
(individualized format)
with a coach

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