Terms and Conditions

Mudrashram® Institute of Spiritual Studies is a website dedicated to disseminating the teachings of the Mudrashram® lineage of Multiplane Masters. We offer readings, consultations, classes, and coaching services.

If you have a medical or mental health condition, please consult a medical or mental health professional to address your condition before your utilize meditations on this website or through consultations: while meditation has helped some individuals overcome personal challenges, it is not designed to replace the services of these professionals.

The information we disseminate on this website comes from intuitional guidance. We recommend that hold any all statements you read in the articles or blogs on this website as a hypothesis, until you can verify the statement is accurate. The Mudrashram® Institute is not looking for blind believers, but for intrepid individuals who have the capacity to think, to learn, and to discern what is true.

We cannot guarantee, if you study meditation with us, that you will behold Masters and angels, and have beautiful and blissful spiritual experiences, as a result of your meditation. Sometimes, when you meditate, you will uncover material that is in your unconscious mind, and this may lead you to confront your core pain, your deep fears, and the things you are most ashamed about. if you choose to meditate, you need to be willing to face all facets of your being.

If you sign up for membership in our Library for articles, short videos, and free webinars, or our Member area for classes, paid webinars, certification courses, or coaching programs, you should know that we do everything possible to protect the privacy of your information. This being said, we—and any other website on the Internet—cannot guarantee that your data will not be compromised. Should we have a data breach, we will notify you within 24 hours of our detection of the event.

We recommend that you protect your data by using strong passwords: 12 characters, at least one upper case, one number, and one special character such as !, @, %. ^. &. *, (, ), +, {, }, or |. We also recommend that you change your password every three months.