What Is the Attentional Principle?

By George A. Boyd ©2016

Q: What is this attentional principle? Is it the pineal gland? I don’t understand it? Are there other names for it?

A: The attentional principle has also been called Purusa or simply, the third eye. We could call it anything, but the key is that you recognize what its essence is. The Purusa is a wave of consciousness (brain center), has the faculty of intention (point between the eyebrows center), can listen to directed thought (throat), can contemplate (heart), can enter suggestions (solar plexus), can enter into the experience of others through empathy (navel), can summon its forces and create (base of spine). It is located behind the pituitary center of the system of chakras, which is the first center above the point between your eyebrows.

The pineal center of the chakras of the Subconscious mind is the doorway to the Nadamic channels. The pineal gland in the body is light sensitive through nerves that connect with it, but these neural connections are designed to let it know how much light is outside, so it can secrete melatonin to darken the skin—this is what gives you a tan.

You use your attentional principle all the time—when you send a beam of thought-intention, when you make a suggestion to yourself in autohypnosis, when you direct your attention to contemplate something. It is simply that you must recognize or realize that what is sending this is a conscious essence, and this conscious essence is you—you are this consciousness.

We give a meditation on how to awaken your attentional principle. It’s in a article, “How to Open Your Own Third Eye.” You can read it here.