How Do I Know If Someone Really Is the World Teacher?

By George A. Boyd ©2016

There are several individuals in the world who claim to be—or their followers claim they are—the reappearance of the Christ or World Teacher. They cite scriptures, and point to similarities in descriptions between what they are teaching or demonstrating and what is written in the scriptures.

They often reach a state of consciousness in which they feel they are one with the consciousness of the World Teacher. Many of these individuals have some type of internal confirmation that they have reached this state. There may be powers or intuitive revelations that dawn upon their mind when they attain this state.

But typically, these are reflections of the World Teacher in his actual form. In the Planetary Realm, he has reflections in the Biophysical Universe, Psychic Realm, 1st Mesoteric, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Initiations—his actual form is as the Monad in the Planetary Hierarchy, the Astral Soul in the Cosmic Hierarchy, and the Satchitananda/Soul of the Bridge Path in the Transcendental Hierarchy. He also has a reflex form in the Supracosmic Hierarchy on the Orzhmad Plane through which he ministers. There are also archetypes of the World Teacher in the 1st Exoteric Initiation, with which some individuals come to identify.

An individual who reaches this consciousness at any of the reflected states may wrongly assume he or she has become the World Teacher. Based on the intuitive revelations and powers that they gain in this state of union, and the voice of inner confirmation, they identify with this state and come to believe they have become Christ.

This voice of inner confirmation may take a variety of forms. Common phrases that may lead the spiritual wayfarer to believe he or she has attained this sublime state include:

  • “You are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” (Psychic Realm)
  • “You are the Light of the World.” (1st Exoteric Initiation)
  • “Upon thee I have placed the government of the world.” (1st Mesoteric)
  • “You are my anointed one.” [This occurs without any actual empowerment: the individual is not anointed to minister the Light.] (2nd Initiation)
  • “You are the Word made flesh.” (2nd Initiation)
  • “You are the incarnation of My Eternal Mind.” (3rd Initiation)
  • “Thou art the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” (4th Initiation)

So compelling are these voices of inner confirmation that these individuals may start ministering and teaching, start religious organizations, and make declarations about their inner Divinity. Some of the groups that form around these inspired individuals may become religious cults: the self-proclaimed savior may begin running the lives, dictating the beliefs, and guiding the decisions of those who follow him or her.

Those that master the art of Soul Reading can readily detect the imposter Christ or spurious World Teacher. One glance at the actual attainment of the individual will reveal the genuine Master from the deluded claimant of the mantle of Glory. We encourage aspirants and disciples to develop their faculty of discernment so they can determine the actual state of attainment these individuals have attained—and not follow those who proclaim to be another false Second Coming of Christ.