Octaves of Voices that Inform Decisions

By George A. Boyd © 2023

Q: I hear different voices when I attempt to make a decision. What inner voice should I rely upon? I feel conflicted as to what guidance I should follow.

A: When you look at the levels of voices within you that can inform your decision making, there are ten major levels:

  1. The voice of fear – When you act from this level, you avoid, make excuses, lie, and run away.
  2. The voice of prior conditioning and learning – When you act from this level, you lead an inauthentic life. You act out others’ programs for your life.
  3. The voice of madness and unbridled imagination – When you act from this level, you may distract others through entertainment and humor; you tell stories and hide your genuine Self behind a facade. If you are suffering from mental illness, the voices from this level may attack you and tell you lies, which causes you untold suffering.
  4. The voice of your conscience – When you act from this level, you act on your values. You act from integrity and you develop a positive character.
  5. The voice of your Self – This is the voice that directs your behavior to accomplish your goals. When you act from this level, you take responsibility for your actions and your work to achieve your objectives.
  6. The voice of your attentional principle – You hear this voice when you hear the attentional principle’s intention or suggestion. When you act from this level, you train yourself, your work on yourself, and become aware of your issues and resolve them.
  7. The voice of your spirit – When you act from this level, love and caring express through your behavior.
  8. The voice of numinous entities – These voices derive from angels, guides, and the Holy Spirit. When you act from this level, inspiration informs your actions; you take action on faith, based on the messages you receive at this level.
  9. The voice of the Soul – When you act from this level, you carry out your Soul Purpose.
  10. The voice of the Divine Will – When you act from this level, you carry out spiritual ministry and fulfill the Divine Plan or Dispensation that God has given you. [To understand the role of a Dispensation given to a lineage holder, please see the article, “What Is a Lineage Holder?“]

You progressively shift from hearing the voices of levels one through ten, as your core identity transforms. Personal maturation comprises levels one through five; spiritual maturation consists of levels six to ten.

Your spiritual nature functions from these levels:

  • Level ten guides Initiates.
  • Disciples operate at level nine.
  • Aspirants tap into level eight.
  • Your ability to do inner work and transform your spiritual potentials works at levels six and seven.

Listen for each of these layers of voices within you: aim to recognize the source of the voice. Notice what these voices tell you.

When you dissolve the conflicting guidance from these different levels of voices, you will ultimately act from the deepest level of maturation within you.

When you align the intention of your attentional principle, the wish of your spirit, and the volition of your Self at your personal octave and the Soul at the transpersonal octave—and you act in spite of fear, prior conditioning, or values that no longer serve you—you bring your deeper nature into expression.