ITM Teacher Training Interest Page

History of the Training

We did an information session about the Introduction to Meditation teacher training on June 5, 2016, instead of our advanced webinar. I went over what the program entails and what are our requirements and expectations. I answered questions about it. There is a recording, and those of you who meet the prerequisites can listen to that recording.

We did the live teacher training for eight Saturdays in June, July, and August (6-18-16 to 8-6-16). This complete course is now available on-line.

What You Will Get from Doing this Training

This program will certify you to teach the Introduction to Meditation Program on-line and off-line, and a new course, called the Foundations of Practical Meditation, off-line. You will also learn how to adapt your knowledge of meditation to conduct meditation consultations. You will learn about how to teach meditation, how to guide others in meditation, and how to do basic coaching to assist your students overcome their obstacles to meditation.You will learn how to set up a business as a meditation teacher.

What’s in this Course?

Here’s an overview of what is in this course:

  1. The Introduction to Meditation Manual (ITM) — you are able to download the actual manual
  2. The Foundations of Practical Meditation Manual (FOPM) – you also can download this manual
  3. ITM Teacher Training Personal Inventory One: How will you teach this course?
  4. Setting up webinars and consultations.
  5. Quick reference: the table of contents for ITM and FOPM
  6. Styles of Teaching
  7. ITM Teacher Training Personal Inventory Two: Exploring your teaching style
  8. The Gentle Art of Being a Meditation Teacher and Coach
  9. What are your client’s barriers to successful meditation?
  10. ITM Teacher Training Personal Inventory Three: How will you deal with your client’s barriers?
  11. Guiding Your Student in Meditation
  12. Guidelines for your Meditation Presentation
  13. Trouble Shooting Meditation
  14. Helping Your Client Succeed
  15. The Business of Being a Meditation Teacher
  16. Your legal and ethical responsibilities
  17. Resource article one: “Learning to Master Meditation”
  18. Resource article two: “Revisiting Vehicles of Consciousness”
  19. Resource article three: “Recognizing the Operation of Vehicles of Consciousness”
  20. Meditation preference test for the client
  21. Meditation preference test scoring and key for teacher
  22. Notes and Recording for Class One
  23. Notes and Recording for Class Two
  24. Notes and Recording for Class Three
  25. Notes and Recording for Class Four
  26. Notes and Recording for Class Five
  27. Notes and Recording for Class Six
  28. Notes and Recording for Class Seven
  29. Notes and Recording for Class Eight
  30. Introduction: Our Rationale for Teaching this Class
  31. The Gentle Art of Doing a Meditation Consultation
  32. Handouts for the offline version of ITM
  33. ITM Teacher’s Packet
  34. Class information Spreadsheet
  35. ITM Class Financial Spreadsheet
  36. BONUS Guidelines for Leading Your Student into the Superconscious Mind
  37. BONUS How to teach meditation when your client is an atheist
  38. BONUS Where do meditations take you?
  39. BONUS Seven Key Skills of the Spiritual Teacher


We are seeking students who have completed the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation who wish to teach and coach others. We look for the following strengths:

  • Strong mastery of the rudiments of the Mudrashram® System of Integral Meditation: You must be comfortable with using the core and supportive meditations before you can teach others.
  • Active study of additional Mudrashram® courses and webinars: If you have studied the Satsang Program Home Study Course, the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, or taken the Samadhi Week Retreat training program, and you regularly attend our webinars, this shows us you are serious about your own spiritual advancement.
  • Participation in service activities for Mudrashram®: We are offering this course at a substantial discount over its suggested value. We can justify offering this course to you at this discount in acknowledgement of and with gratitude for the service you have done for us.
  • Advanced Spiritual Development: We look for candidates who have advanced beyond the Third Planetary Initiation. However, we will consider candidates who have not reached this stage, but who have excellent visioning and meditation skills.
  • You have a genuine desire to teach and become a meditation teacher: We are not looking for people who collect certifications and don’t use them. We need a few qualified individuals who will actually teach these courses and perform coaching for those who request it on-line.
  • You will read all materials and listen to all recordings on the ITM Teacher Training page: You need to be ready to do your presentation, where you will actually teach and guide a client in meditation, while I observe you.
  • Prior teaching, training, or counseling experience: If you have a background doing teaching, training, or counseling, this will be helpful in preparing you to be a meditation teacher.
  • You do not have moral reservations about receiving money for services you provide: If you perform on-line coaching services for us, you will be paid for this. We will train you in the business of being a meditation teacher, should you ever wish to actually do this. The certification you receive will tell your meditation students that you have learned something about this topic; you will be accountable to them and us for the quality of meditation training you provide.

What’s This Going to Cost Me?

Your investment for the course is $497—80% off its actual value.

I Want to Do This! How Do I Become a Teacher for Mudrashram®?

  1. First, you must listen to the presentation: request the recording by emailing me
  2. Next, once you have listened to the recording, you need to email me again to know you are definitely interested in becoming a teacher.
  3. We will schedule an interview. If you meet our requirements, we will inform you that you have been selected to become a teacher candidate, and permit you to purchase the program.
  4. Once your payment is accepted, we will give you access to on-line ITM teacher training page, where you will be able to read all materials and listen to the recordings of each of the classes. You will be responsible to schedule your student meditation and do a live presentation. Write down any questions that you have: we will arrange a coaching session to go over your concerns.

What Is the Selection Process?

I will continue selecting candidates based on their interest, desire, and relative strengths. It may be the case that some who listen to the presentation may not want to be an ITM teacher under the structure we will be putting into place, and we respect that.

So if you want to become an ITM teacher, again, there are three things you need to do:

  1. You should request to listen to the information webinar. Contact me to make this request.
  2. You should review the prerequisites above. If you haven’t met these requirements, you probably are not ready to do this.
  3. Schedule an interview with me, and I’ll let you know if you make the cut.

If you are selected, you will take the class on-line. You will be required to do a practicum where you do a presentation on a session you’ve done with the client. If you grasp the core materials and show us the right stuff, we’ll certify you.

Purchasing the Introduction to Meditation Teacher Training

If you have done your interview and been approved to take the Introduction to Meditation Teacher Training, you may purchase it below. If you have not done your interview and have not been accepted into the training, we will return your money if you purchase the training before getting our approval.

Teacher Training Cost Purchase
Introduction to Meditation Teacher Training $497.00