Yantra - a series of nested geometrical figures used for advanced concentration exercises. The best known of these yantras is called Shri Yantra, which consists of a central dot surrounded by seven arrays of interlaced equilateral triangles, within a square. In the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, you learn to meditate on the Siddhi Yantra, which reveals to you the abilities of your Soul.

Yoga - this term means union of the attention with the ensouling entity. It has come to mean any methods or techniques that systematically unites the attention directly or progressively with the ensouling entity.

Yoganidra - a method for exploring the entire band of the Unconscious mind. Whereas the technique of opening lets you pass over the threshold, yoganidra is a progressive immersion in the Unconscious mind that leads the attention to the other side of this veil of darkness, and to cognize the contents of this zone in full consciousness. It is taught in the Mudrashram® Advanced class in Meditation.

Yogi Preceptor - an Initiate who has gained Mastery at the level of the First Cosmic Initiation. Many seekers believe that these are teachers of the highest order, but in fact, there are many stages of Mastery beyond this level. These teachings speak of Brahman as the highest stage of spirituality, and Ishwara as the Supreme form of God.

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