When Do I Need this Course?

When Do I Need this Course?
  • If you want to learn even more advanced methods of meditation that will give you the secret keys to full conscious ascension to Mastery at even higher levels of Light, and walk through the portals to unlimited spiritual growth to see everything that is ahead of you on the Path, the MACIM is what you need.
  • If you feel excited about the prospect of learning to meditate at even a more profound and powerful level, and learn additional methods to advance your spiritual evolution, the MACIM is for you.

You might choose the in-person format of the class if:

  • You learn best in an in-person class with a live instructor, and you can commit to come to all sessions of the class, the MACIM will give you the training you need to become an advanced and expert meditator.
  • You want to be taught directly by an instructor and be guided to the profound heights of the Great Continuum of Consciousness in person.
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