U metaphysical

U metaphysical

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) – A space craft alleged to be used by extraterrestrials. The classical spacecraft is the "flying saucer," but other shapes of craft have been described. There have been sightings of these craft worldwide, ranging from unusual, unexplained colored lights moving rapidly across the sky to flying saucers with great detail.

UFO Commander – An individual who has advanced to the stage where they can control and manifest a "light ship" on the Pleiadean Vortex Subplane.

These individuals act as guides through the phenomena of this Subplane and may act as channels or intermediaries for members of the Galactic Brotherhood, the most advanced Souls that manifest upon this Subplane of the Psychic Realm.

Universal Mind Subplane – The highest Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane. This Subplane is marked by the recognition of universal "laws" or "principles" that operate in the Superconscious mind.

Those who minister of this Subplane attempt to align the life conditions of their clients with these universal laws through suggestion, affirmation, or "treatments."

Groups like Religious Science, Science of Mind, Unity, and Christian Science use the laws of this Subplane to bring about healing and positive changes in the lives of their adherents.

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