The Great Continuum of Consciousness

The Conscious Mind

The Conscious mind comprises your normal waking state, and the following states of awareness directly above it:

State of Awareness Content
The waking state of awareness ground state of attention
Present time awareness current moment of human life
Sensory awareness awareness of the external environment through the five senses
Body awareness awareness of the sensations and physiological movement, such as breath, heartbeat and circulation
Emotional awareness awareness of feelings arising in the present time
Thinking awareness awareness of behavioral commands, analogical and logical thinking in the present time; the faculty of Reason
Ego awareness awareness of the state of identity of the Conscious mind, the ego: its reactions, its defenses, and its attitudes in the present time
Preconscious awareness awareness of material welling up into the Conscious mind from the Subconscious mind
Gate of the Subconscious also called the Etheric Veil, these inner gates keep the attention within the sphere of the Conscious mind

The Conscious Mind is the first of the bands of awareness that we experience. People who do not meditate do not pass beyond these inner gates and glimpse the other three bands of awareness. Conscious mind experience is present time-oriented (temporal), bound by the parameters of our sensory experience of the environment and our body (empirical), and identified with the body and life experiences in the body. It uses reason and analogy to arrive at truth.

The Conscious mind is the seat of the ego, which attempts to ensure survival of the body, its loved ones and its possessions. The ego, if unchecked by higher aspects of the Metaconscious mind such as Conscience and Will, uses any means, fair or foul, to achieve its desires.

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