Laya - the absorption of the attention in inner currents of energy. Seven types of Laya exist:

  1. (1) Jyoti Laya - absorption in the inner channel of light
  2. (2) Shabd Laya - absorption in the inner channel of sound
  3. (3) Amrit Laya - absorption in the inner channel of nectar
  4. (4) Prana Laya - absorption in the breath and current of life force
  5. (5) Kundalini Laya - absorption in the energy of the Kundalini Shakti
  6. (6) Kriya Laya - absorption into the spontaneous energy vortex created by the unfolding vehicles of consciousness during Initiation generated through using a transformational mantra or Kriya Yoga, or during the opening of the Nada by the spirit
  7. (7) Shakti Laya - absorption into the ray or beam of directed intention from an Initiate, who draws the attention into the inner realms.

Light Immersion - the attunement whereby an Initiate empowered by God sends to you the Light. This can unfold your Soul, awaken your kundalini, draw your spirit upward into the Nadamic Current, purify and refine your inner vehicles, lead your attentional principle into union with your Soul, or guide your attention into deep meditational absorption, depending on how this Light is directed to you. We call our Light Immersion meditation, Light Sittings.

Lineage - a succession or network of Initiates who carry out spiritual ministry.

The most common lineage is a historical succession (parampara). In this type, spiritual power from an ensouling entity that has obtained Mastery in one band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness is passed to another who has reached the same spiritual attainment.

In the other type, called a bodhisattvic lineage, Masters of different orders of spiritual development link their abilities together to establish a coordinated ministry. An example of this type of lineage is the Hierarchy of Light, in which Masters occupy offices with specific types of ministry, under the aegis of the Divine Will. The 12 Masters of the Mudrashram® lineage are also arranged as a bodhisattvic lineage, where Multiplane Masters of different levels function together seamlessly.

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