H metaphysical

H metaphysical

Healing Shrine – A temple that is anchored on the Healing Subplane, where practitioners learn a different form of Radiative Healing on each of the Seven Rays. Reiki and Jo Rei are two of the best-known forms of Radiative Healing.

Radiative Healing directs life force by visualization and intention to heal others.

Healing Subplane – This is the third Subplane of the Psychic Realm, where practitioners are trained in the intuitive sciences and healing modalities.

Heavenly Realms Subplane – This is the fourth Subplane of the Psychic Realm, where individuals meet their psychic guides and travel through a variety of beautiful spiritual realms.

Psychics who can access these realms gain the ability to channel their guides or the inhabitants of these spiritual realms. Many psychics, who can enter these realms through meditation or through hypnosis claim to channel those who have died.

The Spiritualist Church and the Mormon Church draw their inspirations from this realm. God and Jesus can be seen at one level of this Subplane—these and similar sects of psychic religions that rely upon "prophecy" and "channeling" often receive their guidance and teaching from this source.

I Ching – A Chinese system of divination in which the querent throws down sticks or coins to determine their fortune. These sticks or coins are used to select a hexagram, which consists of a combination of solid lines (— yang) or broken lines (- - yin). After the sticks or coins are tossed six times, the reader looks up the hexagram in the I Ching oracle book.

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