Eckankar - a name used to refer to the Fifth Transcendental Path. A spiritual group which teaches techniques to access this path is called Eckankar®. They refer to the Nada in this realm as the ECK®; they refer to their Supreme Being as the Sugmaud. George A. Boyd has read books from this group and has contact with several of their teachers on the inner Planes in meditation.

Eight Petaled Lotus - this center, located in the Subconscious mind, is used in Guru Dhyan meditation. Those who learn this technique in the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation or the Satsang Program Home Study Course commune with Swami Charan Das, who acts as their guide to the higher Planes. A higher octave of the eight petaled lotus center may be found on the second Transcendental Path—the ascending spirit meets the radiant form of the Sant Sat Guru at this higher center.

Emergence Phenomena - the variety of experiences which occur when attention is absorbed into the Unconscious mind. This may occur voluntarily using the opening technique, or spontaneously, such as when the Kundalini Shakti moves into the unawakened areas of consciousness.

Ensouling entity - the principle of Being, the atom of the Divine Presence within you. This is a broader term than Soul, as it refers to the Being Principle at all octaves of The Great Continuum of Consciousness.

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