Causal Plane - known as the Grand Causal Plane, this is the division of the Great Continuum of Consciousness above the Grand Astral Plane. It is also called the Supracosmic Sphere or Brahmanda.

Centering Mantra - a specialized word that helps you unite your attention with your Soul.

Centering techniques - seven techniques taught in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the Accelerated Meditation Program that help you unite your attention with the Self at the core of the Metaconscious mind.

Chela - the attentional principle. This term is used to indicate an individual with whom a Master has begun to establish a relationship of guidance, teaching, supervision and counseling, after the individual has learned to contact the Master within. In some traditions, this term is used to refer to the spirit who has similarly contacted the Guide form of the Master within.

Conscious mind - the state of mind that you inhabit during waking awareness. It is your present time experience of environmental and internal sensations, feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and awareness of impressions entering your mind.

Contemplative Mantra - a specialized word that helps focus your attention on your spirit.

Cosmic Master - an advanced Initiate who has evolved the Astral Soul into the Cosmic Hierarchy of Light.

Cosmic Sphere - the highest division of the Grand Astral Plane.

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