C metaphysical

C metaphysical

Chaldea – This is the most modern period of human history, marked by the arising of civilizations in the Tigris Euphrates river area, near the Indus and Ganges rivers in India, and around the Nile River in Egypt. We estimate that this period in human history began about 12,000 years ago with the settling of formally nomadic hunter gathering people in the fertile lands around the rivers, and beginning to establish agriculture.

Channeling – This practice, also called mediumship, gives permission for your own Soul, or other spiritual entities to speak through you. Channeling is usually done in a state of trance, where your attention is focused on the spiritual being whom you are channeling, and you allow it to communicate its truths and realizations. Channeling can also come through inspired writing—this form of channeling is called automatic writing.

Chi (also spelled Qi) – This is prana or life force, which flows through the channels of the etheric body. The larger channels that circulate chi from the head to the feet are called meridians. The very fine channels that are the etheric correspondence to the structures of the central nervous system are called nadis.

Clairaudience – This is the ability to hear with astral hearing. This faculty allows you to hear the subtle sounds of the atoms and subatomic particles, the sounds within your vehicles of consciousness, and the tones of the Nada.

Clairsentience – This is the ability to use all of your astral senses simultaneously. When these senses function together, it produces synesthesia, which is an interpenetration of sensory functions. It allows you, for example, to visually "see" music, to 'taste" it, to "smell" it, and to "touch" it.

Clairvoyance – This is to ability to see with your astral vision. It allows you to see the finer waves of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond visible light, to see the contents of your inner vehicles and the phenomena of the higher Planes, and to recognize the spirit, the attentional principle, and the Soul in yourself and others. When clairvoyance is active in you, you can gaze at others and see the fields of their aura.

Creation by Intention – One of the faculties of the attentional principle is creation by intention. You do this by visualizing what you wish to manifest, and "see" it coming into manifestation. People do other practices to augment creation by verbally affirming it, writing down affirmations, putting up pictures of what they desire, and feeling and believing that it is already manifest.

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