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Reflections on Religion


Reflections on Religion

We believe that exposure to religion is important for fundamental spiritual education. Religion

Exhorts and develops a moral sense

Encourages a spirit of goodwill and cooperation

Promotes charity and acts of kindness towards the oppresses, needy and infirm

Develops a rudimentary communion with God through faith, invocation, worship rituals, singing, and prayer

The form of the Divine people learn to love, worship and invoke through prayer and meditation is learned through religion. Since the religions of the world are anchored on different bands of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, what their adherents experience within depends on where they tap into this great inner sea of Spirit.

When adherents of religion begin to have inner spiritual experiences, they pass beyond the boundaries of conventional religion into the realm of mysticism.

What Mystics Know

Mystics travel upon the Planes of this sea of Spirit in full consciousness. They learn to recognize landmarks on this inner voyage. They see God directly with the inner eye. They behold directly great outpouring of spiritual light and grace that takes place within this sacred arcanum.

As they grow in their spiritual development, they begin to develop a relationship with the Master Teacher they have loved and worshipped. Through long communion with this inner Guide, the mystic passes through the aspirant, disciple and initiate stages of spirituality.

This journey culminates in the experience of Mastery. Here the mystic voyager reaches the same stage of develpment as his or her Master Teacher. This is an experience of enlightenment and empowerment that enables him or her to teach, guide and initiate others.

George's Writing on Religion

George has read books on Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikh Dharma, and Taoism. He has supplemented this reading with deep reflective meditation upon the principles and truths of these religions. He has explored the great archetypes that great seers have anchored in the collective consciousness of humanity that form the inner structure of religions. He has traced the origins of world religions on the Great Continuum of Consciousness and mapped their symbolic and visionary arrays.

Out of this study, George has written several articles on themes from these religions. We invite you to select from these articles by clicking on the links to your left.

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