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Welcome to the Mudrashram home page

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What's on this Web Site?

This web site features the writings and spiritual services of George A. Boyd. George is a writer and poet, a metavisional (psychic) reader, and an expert teacher of meditation.

Say What?

People new to us sometimes have trouble pronouncing our name. We hear people saying, "mud rash ram," or “mood rosh rahm," "mood ra shram," or other creative mispronunciations.

It's actually a contraction of two Sanskrit words, mudra and ashram, and it's pronounced like you were saying the words together, like "mood rah aash rahm." It sounds like this:

Mudrashram is pronounced

Using this Site

We invite you to click the links to your left or the links at the top and bottom of this page to explore George's writings and services on this site.

Another tip? Try clicking on the pictures to your right. On this page, clicking on the pictures will take you to our Reading Room, our Psychic Room, and our Meditation Room. On all other pages except the ones that say you are here, clicking on the pictures to your right will take you back to where you just left.

How this Work Began

George began his teaching work in 1983, after contacting Swami Prem Dayal, one of the Mudrashram Guides, in deep meditation. Since that time, George has brought forward the teachings of the Mudrashram lineage of Multiplane Masters.

The Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies

The Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies is dedicated to sharing the teachings of the Mudrashram system of Integral Meditation with humanity. This teaching work is represented by the Mudrashram symbol, which is shown above in the upper left hand corner of each page on this site.

Our teaching work combines presentation of theory to facilitate understanding, training in meditation techniques, and Light Immersion to deepen the experience of meditation students and to actively awaken their spiritual potentials.

Light Immersion

Light Immersion, the Grace-Bestowing power of the Divine, is known as the gift of the Holy Spirit, Shaktipat, Holy Breath, or Baraka. It has several actions, depending on how it is directed. It

  • Accelerates the spiritual evolution of the Soul

  • Opens the channels of the Nada and guides the spirit into communion with the Divine

  • Awakens the Kundalini Shakti

  • Activates the illuminined mind to channel intuitve wisdom and the higher abilities of the Soul

  • Balances the forces of the Soul

  • Transmutes karmas

We include Light Immersion sittings in our basic and advanced meditation courses. It is also an integral part of our Light Sittings and our Soul Attunement with Guidance Channeling sessions.

Quotes from Our Spiritual Guides

"We believe theory alone without meditation to amplify it and bring understanding is not fulfilling; meditation without theory to structure it and help comprehend the experience is mystification; theory and meditation without Light Immersion do not convey to the student the essence of spiritual experience and right understanding. We therefore believe all three are necessary for balanced spiritual work."

"Our mission is to promote understanding and to facilitate balanced spiritual and personal development. Our writings and teachings aim to educate others about their spiritual and personal potentials, and to establish a comprehensive Integral meditation program."


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